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Angel Wing Costumes

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Item Description

Ostrich Wings
or Showgirl
Back Pack

Ostrich Wings or Showgirl Back Pack

Item #25020

Back pack with elastic arm loops with 12 large white ostrich plumes on sides (six each side) and satin covered backpack.

Size: One size
Color: White

Price: $101.00


Angel Wings

Large Angel Wings

Item #9706

Large white turkey feather angel wings, build on high density foam and fold in the middle with long tie cords to either criss-cross in front or go around arms (feathers on both front and back).

Size: One Size (36 inch by 36 inch)
Color: White, black

Prices: Sale! $116.00 for all colors!



Large Black Wings

Large Black Wings

Item #9925

Large black turkey feather wings with feathers on front and back and long ties to either criss-cross in front or tie around shoulders.

Size: One Size 36" x 36"
Color: Black

Prices: Sale! $116.00


Angel Dress

Sequin Angel Dress

Item #25001

Gold or silver sequined pull over angel long sleeve dress

Size: One Size

Colors: Gold (show) or Silver

Add-On: Halo $6.50

Price: Reg $62.00 Sale! $51.00!

Gold Sequin Angel Dress- Price: $51.00
Silver Sequin Angel Dress- Price: $51.00
Halo - Price: $6.50

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